Small Change

So I wake up this morning and realize the things I need are still in my car.  However, I decide to look in the garage instead to see if my first instincts are correct. I push the garage door opener at my front door and head outside.  As I head to out, I realize that my car door is ajar.  What?  I didn’t leave that open when I got out.  I proceed to near the car and open up the door.  I then realize that someone had broken into it.  Come on!  Really?  You break into my car?  For what?  $15 worth of Canadian Tire Money, a bunch of change, some other small things in my console and maybe my gum. 

I return to the house and call the wonderful Port Hope Police which, if you read a previous blog of mine, you will realize I I know quite well.  Const. Bob showed up within 10 min.  Well have I got their number now.  Call and say my car got broken in to and they will be here in a flash, haha.  Anyway, Const. Bob was quite interested even although there is really nothing they can do about it for a bunch of small change.  However, he was glad that I called because most people won’t for just a bit of chump change and an unlocked door.  I wanted them to be aware of what was going on in my neighbourhood and maybe someone had called in the night sometime for the same thing and they caught the culprits?  Who knows?

The car was not damaged which was a good thing, and I was especially happy cause it’s new.  Not a whole lot taken but you have to now wonder, how many times is someone creeping around my house?  Our street light isn’t working, and I’ll take care of that in the morning, and the street is quite dark.  To make matters worse, my house sits behind really tall cedars so no one can see my house.  A little scary actually.  So tonight I leave the outside lights on, not that they will come back but just for safety reasons.

Always remember my friends,  “Adversity introduces you to yourself”.  A lesson I think my new car thief friends should learn 🙂


What is it about Men?  Men who become parents but don’t want the responsibility of actually being a parent?  Men who don’t want to make sure that their child or children are taken care of or worry about their welfare?  Men who would rather lie and have have others think they are so hard done by?  Men who would rather drag you through the mud than be happy that they had a child in the first place?  I just don’t get it.

So, another Court case on the horizon, more money out the window for something that could be totally avoided. Yet another low life with an ego the size of Texas.  You know the type.  They ones that have to make a point and be right about it even though they are not.  I just don’t get it.

A Child hurt in the process.  Everything lost in translation and with that, a child that want’s nothing to do with that Parent.  A person that would rather Bitch and Moan than actually do something constructive like visit his Child, communicate with his Child, or actually let his Child feel like he is important to some degree.  But we all know that that never happens.  Too much testosterone and pride and the need to be right all the time.  I just don’t get it.

I love the pages you can look up that has pics of all the delinquent parents that don’t pay Child Support.  You deal with a Company such as FRO or ISO that helps you delimit from the uninterested party until they send you a letter stating that the “Delinquent Parent” has claimed that the “Good Parent” has denied access to the child, has lied about where the child lives and about where he goes to school and basically everything about the childs life.  They already have all the pertinent paperwork from years back and a Court Order stating the Child’s name, address, age, and everything that goes along with it.  The delinquent Parent however, chooses to perjurer himself to try and make himself look better.  Carma is a Bitch, Bitch!  I just don’t get it.

In the end, however a Court Case turns out, weather one wins and one loses or the other wins and the other loses, the Child always loses but the “Bad Parent” just doesn’t care.  Weather he wins with his “I don’t want to pay any more” or the other wins with “Ah, ya you’re going to pay and p.s., you owe me more cause you make more that you previously stated” the Child is hurt in the end.  What ever the outcome is, there is now a Child that want’s absolutely nothing to do with the Parent that makes a Shit load of money, has remarried and has a step son that is very well looked after, and has moved into a beautiful home with that family.  Whatever the outcome is, he is now an even bigger loser than he started out to be.  He has potentially lost the court case, lost any credibility he once had, has lost all respect from all the people that mattered and has lost a Child.  I just don’t get it.

So the moral to the story here is, child support may not buy you love, but it sure buys you respect, the ability to be a better person and take care of the important things in your life and enables you to have a relationship with your Child, which now, will NEVER happen.

Remember my friends, “Adversity introduces you to yourself”.  A lesson that one person hasn’t learned yet in life.  Always be kind to the ones who are important to you in your life because they may not be here tomorrow 🙂

I had a great afternoon yesterday with an adorable cop who I’ll call Kevin.  He paid me a visit courtesy of my neighbour  (we’ll now call him Bob) who is a decrepit, fat, bowlegged old coot that has nothing better to do than cause me pain and anguish.  He sits in his kitchen with a TV remote in one hand, the vertical blind rod in the other, but keeps his feet free to use the phone to call the Police at the drop of a hat.  When I was wash my car, I like to play a little music to bop around to while my suds swirl around the nooks and crannies and curves……….. of my car of course.  Wow!  So I guess sometime in the 3 hours I was out there washing and vacuuming my car and my daughters, the call was made. “Noise Complaint” was the issue.  I’m not exactly sure how he heard my music over his 747 sounding lawnmower that he hires a young lad to use along with another young lad to do the weedeating at the same time.  He must have some super sonic hearing aids in those oversized ears of his.

So, it’s now Noon and i’m getting a little hungry.  Off I go into the kitchen to make a little soup w/crackers and a nice sit down after all my labours.  I finished up with a large cold delicious glass of skim milk and that’s my lunch break.  As I take my dishes back into the kitchen, I notice a Police Car pull up to my house.  Well, I think.  This should be good.  I head out to my front deck and I great my tall, dark & handsome Kevin……. yummy, at the bottom stair.  “So, what did I do this time”? I ask my well defined friend who, by the looks of it, spends a great deal of time in the gym.  Kevin starts laughing and repeats my question with a giggle.  “Well”, he says, “There has been a complaint of a lot of noise coming from this house, but I can’t hear a thing.”  I too gave him a little giggle and said, “So my Bob phoned you to complain……. again?”  “I didn’t say  who it was that called!” haha  We all know though, that he is the only culprit to the unnecessary complaint.  “I am a little confused about the call though.  I can’t hear a thing.  I sat on the road for a bit a listened, but finally came to your house cause I didn’t hear a thing.”  Of course I admitted to having my car radio on, then my daughter piped up that there was no way he could hear it over his lawnmower and weed eater, so we just went on to friendly chat and had a pretty good time.  Bob loves my car and how detailed and beautiful it is, about what he drives, the fact that he would like me to be in that car with him and then we could……… oh, sorry, that was in my mind, haha.  We had a lovely 15 min chat when the old farts wife  drove past my driveway  and now Kevin has to go and explain to Bob that he was here.  He admits though, that my decrepit neighbour has cried wold too many times and his call def was not a priority and knows that if he goes over there to explain, he will def get yelled at again from this hostile curmudgeon.  All of a sudden Kevin gets an IMPORTANT call and has to leave, leaving my Bob with no resolve.  I love it!

As an aside, I have to tell you about another call this particular neighbour made to the Police regarding me again.  What else is new!  Apparently he called with yet another noise complaint and wanted someone sent ASAP.  The cop (hottie Kevin) showed up about 3 or so hours later again, with no resolve.  The neighbour was so mad that he yelled at the cop and gave him proper shit.  I mean yelled like John was his boss or something.  Kevin went on to explain that the force was on a huge drug bust and was waiting for a guy to show up for the deal.  He went on to tell him that these calls (drug deals, break ins, car accidents, murders and rapes) take priority over a noise complaint.  He got even more agitated at his explanation and phoned the Police Chief and gave him the same proper shit that he gave my well appointed Kevin.  So ya, the Chief hung up on him.  Bahahahahahahahaha.

Bob particularly loves it when I get the chain saw out to cut down some trees.  He loves the smell of the 2 stroke engine and the smell of gas and the roar of the little motor and enjoys watching me cutting down a 50 foot tree.  We Canadian Chicks are pretty bad ass and like to do stuff like this you know.  A mans job you say?  What man!!??

I have to say though, Bob calling the Police on me on a regular has introduced me to some pretty hot men in uniforms that I may not have necessarily met.  I have a little soft spot for Men in Uniform I must say.  My good friend, who use to live a house away, thinks that my hottie patotti Kevin could be right for me.  He is, however, a little to young and prob has some great little tight assed girls falling all over him all the time. He trains people at the gym and has done some great stuff for some of the other cops on the force.  They are all lookin pretty good now, ah ha!  Maybe I could detail his car and he could detail me….. I mean, train me at the gym so I could get a nice little tight body like when I was 24 or something, haha.  What’s the harm in asking, right?  I’m thinking I should crank up my radio more often, especially when he is on duty.  Ima use this calling the cops thing to my advantage.

Just as another aside, if you read my first blog, you found out that I have a new found addiction for chocolate.  My Friend also thinks that I should share a box of my fav York Mint Patties with my buddy Bob.  I think I should share my York Mints with every Cop that comes to my house so scold me.  They could frisk me and find a York Mint as a treat.  So, 11 years of all the hassles that I have been looking at as a negative thing, has actually been a positive thing because I have met a lot of great people.

My newest friends are from the Town.  The Mayor and I are now tight along with the town workies.  They helped take away a god awful weed growing wood barrel from the end of my driveway, which, didn’t belong to me.  I’ll give you a guess as to who’s barrel it was but you probably already know.  The let me choose an awesome large designer rock, basically put it on Bob’s part of Town property right up at the property line and set it there to stay.  I then incorporated my beautiful garden right down to that rock and it looks incredible.  It’s now all part of my beautiful rock garden and fits in perfectly, like it belongs there and has been there all along.  Kinda ticked Bob off, but it works for me 🙂  Strategy people.  Kill people with kindness and you shall get your way.  Smiling works too.  I just let them think it’s there idea and that I’m going along with it.  Works every time.  They all think they are doing me a favour when it was part of the plan all along.  See, some gym training with Kevin would def do me some good.

Enough of my ranting and raving.  This should teach all of us a lesson.  Wait!  What?  Lesson?  Oh ya.  Make noise so the neighbours will phone the police and just sit  out on the deck with a Schmirnoff Ice or something, and wait for them to show up.  Smile, look pretty and listen to what they have to say while you let your eyes scan the beauty of these well defined men in uniform.  Don’t let them see you drool though cause that’s just embarrassing.   That’s a good lesson, right?

Heed my warning and have fun with it.  Life it too short 🙂

Always remember my friends,  “Adversity introduces you to yourself”.


Hello world!


When I was 26 years old, I became very sick with Myocarditis which killed the  Left side of my Heart. Over the next 15 years I had Idiopathic Cardiomyopathy, Congestive Heart Failure, Ventricular Tachycardia, 2 Strokes and 5 months from death.  On and off the Transplant list I go for a few years. Why the delay you ask?  You have to be Cancer free for 5 years before getting put on the list for sure.  Yes!  I had Melanoma.  So, finally, after 7 looooonngg months, at 4 1/2 years clear of Cancer, on December 30, 2001, I finally received a new Heart.  This was my “New Beginnings”.  Although for the first 5 1/2 years I was constantly in and out of rejection, I actually fared quite well.  I was at the hospital every 2 weeks getting a biopsy through the internal jugular vein.  That’s where they fish a long flexible rod with claws on the end of it through the jugular vein down to the heart and take about 6 tiny snippets of the heart.  Those get sent away to see if I am in rejection again or not.  If not, I get to go get another biopsy in 1 month.  If in rejection, I’m back again in 2 weeks.  This went on for 5 1/2 years.  Fun……….. Wow!  haha

The main reason for me wanting to put myself through such torture is making sure, if for even just another year, I get to see my kids grow up and spend as much time with them as I can.  The other reason’s, as selfish as they are, are that I didn’t want to say goodbye to my Parents, Brother, Sister and Nephews either.  I wanted to have more time for me.  I have things to do and so dying wasn’t an option.  My amazing Doctor, Heather Ross, knew that I wasn’t going to go down without a fight and she made sure I was well looked after.  Two and a half months in 2 hospitals and as homesick as I could get, it was finally homeward bound for me.

I am now almost at my 10 year mark.  You know, they give you a pin for making it this far.  What an accomplishment!!! What seems to be the Readers Digest version of this “New Beginnings” story, it has taken me almost 10 years to feel somewhat normal again.  I still have a lot of unresolved feelings about his whole thing and my story will never have an ending, I think.  I believe that if I were to meet my Donor Family, I could possible have that ending I am looking for.  It touches my Heart every time I think about my Donor Family, knowing the pain and anguish they must have gone through that fateful night someone lost a loved one.  That loved one lives inside of me and keeps me alive and well and has given me the time I was looking for to be with my kids, who have done very well for themselves so far in life.  I am very proud of my 2 kids. They are my pride and joy and have my undying love.

What could I possibly say to this Donor Family of mine.  Thank you?  Those words sound kind of pointless and puny for the immensity of their generosity.  This Family saved at least 6 lives that evening.  Wow!  Someone signed their donor card 🙂  The gesture was Magnanimous, Compassionate and Selfless.  If more people were like them, think of the lives that would be saved.

So, they say, that Transplant Recipients have “Transplant Tendencies”.  I believe this to be true.  Firstly, I hate chocolate!  Hate is a very strong word, but this is how I feel about chocolate.  You could not pay me to eat chocolate, that’s how much I hate chocolate!  This is a true fact.  Have you ever been to Costco?  No I’m not getting away from my Tendency point, but have you?  You know the VAT size boxes of chocolate you can buy there?  Ya, those ones.  So, I now eat about a box of say York Peppermint Chocolates a week, go back to Costco and buy another box of say Coffee Crisp and then maybe the week after I get a box of say Caramilk Bars ……… you getting my point.  Chocolate?  YUMMY!  So this is the  main Transplant Tendency I have and this one costs me a fortune, haha but well worth it.  So my Donor OBVIOUSLY liked chocolate 🙂  My next Tendency is Gardening.  Although I like it before and always gardened, I’m a bit of a freak with it now.  Almost all my lawn in the front of my house is gardens and most of my back yard is too.  Along with a vegetable garden as well.  My third Tendency is a neatness thing.  As soon as I step foot out of my bed, it HAS to be made.  Not go to the bathroom or take a shower and dry my hair and come back and make my bed type of thing……… as soon as I step foot on the floor I turn and make the bed. The folding of the clothes a certain way and put away a certain way.  The tidy of most everything.  I wasn’t bad before, but being so sick things tended to go by the wayside and didn’t get done.

So really, enough of the saga of my life, but for everything that has gone on in it for the last 25 years, I felt that this would be a good way of introducing myself back to the blogging world.  Also, thanks to my friend Mary that got me thinking about blogging again with all of her humorous words and her wisdom and making me think that sometimes I have something great to say.  I put it out into the Abyss and to the Masses and let my words be heard.

So, Thanks to all that had anything to do with my “New Beginnings” especially Dr. Heather Ross and the Heart Transplant Team (Stella, Correen).  And thanks to Mary who got me thinking again 🙂

Always remember,  “Adversity introduces you to yourself”.